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Dave Schall

I started in aviation in 2005, after a bad day at work. I ran an auto repair store in Bordentown, NJ, and lived an hour and a half away. I had an irate customer get under my skin. I left and was driving home fuming when I saw a sign for a discovery flight for $69. I thought, "let me get off of this earth for a short while". I turned in and found a guy sleeping on a couch, woke him up and climbed into a cessna 172. It was green and his name was mike. as we took off, I was immediately hooked. 15 years later and that feeling hasn't left me. Countless hours of study, reading, learning, and training, and I accomplished what I love to do, Teach. I love showing people the possibilities of flight. Where it can take you, how you get there, how it can change and enhance your life, or absolutely define it.My first flight was september 9th, 2005, and it changed my life. Let me help you experience what I did that first day, and everyday since. My passion is your success.

-Dave Schall

Craig Scully

The dream of becoming a pilot may seem unattainable, it did for me when I was younger. One of my biggest regrets was not getting into aviation sooner. If you are looking to make aviation a career choice or you just want to fly for fun, my passion is exposing people to the possibilities and helping them attain their aviation goals. Let me show you how your dream can become a reality, the best time to start is now.

-Craig Scully
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PA 28 180 Cherokee